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5 Cool Ideas for Exterior House Paint Color Schemes in 2022

Are you curious about the top exterior house paint colours for 2022? It’s crucial to pick a colour scheme for your home’s exterior painting that will remain current and fashionable for years to come. Check out these 5 popular colour schemes ideas for your upcoming outside painting project.

Charcoal Dust

Consider Dusty Charcoal if you want a trendy exterior house paint colour scheme. This colour is ideal for making a strong statement on your property. Dusty Charcoal is a great colour to use if you want to contrast your home with its natural surroundings. This colour will stand out if you have a lot of trees or green space on your property.

Additionally, this colour is excellent for covering up flaws in your home. Dusty Charcoal will help to conceal any cracks or peeling paint.

Black Exteriors with a Contrasting Door

Black exterior house paint is an excellent choice for modern homes. It has a chic and stylish appearance and goes well with a variety of other colours. Consider painting your front door a bright colour to add a splash of colour to your black exterior. This will add visual interest and make your home stand out.

Exteriors in all black

The all-black exterior look is clean and sleek, and it can set your home apart from the others. If you want to go with an all-black exterior, use landscaping and other decorations to add some colour.

Warm, Creamy Whites

Warm, creamy whites are a good choice for exterior painting, including Nsw residential painting. They exude a warm and welcoming vibe, making them ideal for homes that are meant to be welcoming. Creamy whites also complement other colours, making them versatile and simple to work with.

Creamy whites can be used alone or as part of a larger colour palette. Consider pairing creamy whites with brighter colours like yellow or orange to add a pop of colour to your home. Pair creamy whites with grey or blue for a more subdued look.

Grey Exteriors with White Trim

Grey has a refined appearance that can make your home stand out. Consider painting your trim white to add some contrast to your grey exterior. This will allow you to draw attention to your home’s beautiful architecture.