Best Exterior paint color trends

Best Exterior Paint Color Trends For Modern Homes

Your home’s exterior paint plays a major role in how appealing it seems overall. It’s crucial to repaint your home in line with contemporary trends because tastes are constantly evolving. Giving your home a new coat of paint before selling it will increase its property value and general appeal to purchasers. Fresh house paint shows potential buyers that you appreciate and cares for your property, which indicates if the asset will hold its value in the next few years.

However, choosing the colors you should think about using to paint your home can frequently be challenging due to how quickly fashion trends change. With our outstanding quality and client service, we at Macintouch, are setting the standard for residential and commercial painting. We are genuinely excited about what we do and are aware of the difference that a fresh coat of paint can make to your house. Buyers are seeking a number of trends in 2022, so you might want to give some of them a try.

Contrasting grayscales

Often referred to as a timeless classic, painting your house white and using it as a contrast to two darker shades of grey gives it a contemporary feel while still maintaining its traditional charm. Although they strive for a clean design, modern homes can occasionally appear dull. By repainting your house in contemporary colours, you can keep its traditional features while giving it a more upscale appearance. You should emphasise architectural aspects with the white and contrast everything else with deeper tones of grey in order to draw attention to these features even more. Only three to four colours should be used when employing this type of colour scheme in order to achieve a more modern and minimalist appearance.

Warm, earthy whites

The key trends for 2022 are pairing white with colours that look natural. Your home has an almost peaceful impression when warmer white is contrasted with colours like woody brown. When it comes to Best exterior paint, pure whites are frequently too harsh. A warm or shaded white, on the other hand, enhances the natural aspect of the brown and has a more upscale appearance. These earthy hues provide the impression that your home is “cozy” to guests and go well with suburban homes with more surrounding greenery. You want your house to blend in with the surroundings rather than stand out.

Faded greens

A muted or faded green is the ideal trend to capitalise on for individuals who want a dash of colour, even though painting your house in more noticeable colours may not be for everyone. Fading greens go incredibly well with brick houses, which benefit from a touch of colour to highlight their features. Consider painting your door or window frames to showcase the neighbourhood when combined with the brick walls.

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