Home decor color trends 2023

Home decor color trends 2023 | Chose From the Best Color schemes

It’s time to consider Home decor color trends 2023. Our home’s colour schemes are a powerful reflection of our personalities and preferences. While some individuals prefer to decorate their houses with timeless and traditional paint colours. Some¬†others want to be a little bolder and use colourful colour tones.

The top paint brands in the world choose their Color of the Year each year, and they then publish their Color Forecast. selecting a single colour that is currently in style together with a colour palette that properly complements the colour of the year.

In our homes, these popular paint hues don’t just appear on the walls. But they can be seen in all forms of art, including technology, graphic design, and even fashion. Compared to last year’s colour trends, this year’s colour palettes are richer, but nature continues to be our source of colour inspiration.

This article will provide a summary of each paint colour selected by the top paint manufacturers for the year 2023. The Macintouch will also produce its own colour forecast for the upcoming 2023 paint colour trends.

Macintouch’s Color Trend for 2023: Greenish Gray

Cold-gray green paint colours are classic and sufficiently neutral for most settings because they are neither too green nor too grey.
Beautifully softened by grey undertones, the light green tint serves as the ideal neutral backdrop for furnishings and decor.

Unbelievably, greenish grey is regarded as neutral paint colour and is suitable for most homes.

PPG & Glidden Paint: Vining Ivy

“Vining Ivy” has been selected by PPG and Glidden Paint by PPG as the 2023 Color of the Year. Vining Ivy is a multipurpose shade of teal that merged strong blue with sophisticated green to create a jewel-toned hue. Because the colour blue conveys emotions of calmness and its emerald inspires feelings of balance, it can be used to create calming atmospheres in areas. These two undertones work together to produce an incredibly rich, incredibly fashionable colour.

In addition, PPG and Glidden have selected four complementary colour schemes for the new colour of the year. A delicate colour scheme comprising creamy pastels, watery tones, and warm neutrals characterises serenity. A well-balanced earthy colour scheme characterises Origin.

A colour palette of opposing colour tones is called duality. It has an outgoing colour scheme of vivid hues, crisp pastels, and powerful neutrals. Warm earthy and natural colours make up Glidden’s colour scheme, which has many characteristics of the Origin palette.

Sherwin Williams: Redend Point

Redend Point has been selected by Sherwin Williams as their colour for 2023. Warm blush beige, or Redend Point, can be used as a warm accent colour when combined with paler hues. However, you may also use it as a cosy neutral in any room of your house.
The colour is described as being neither too light nor dark, melancholy nor pleasant. As a result, it makes for the ideal mid-tone neutral colour for a home. A basic, peaceful, and interesting colour called Redend Point fosters a sense of connection with the outside world.

Dulux: Wild Wonder

Wild Wonder has been selected as the year’s colour by paint manufacturer Dulux for 2023. Natural golden colour called Wild Wonder can help you bring the outside inside. Best Home decor color trends 2023.

Wild Wonder refers to the feeling of freedom in nature (Wild) and the natural magic that surrounds us (Wonder). The 2023 Dulux colour trends are heavily influenced by nature, and as such, four complementary colour palettes full of (natural) colours that can be paired with Wild Wonder have also been selected.