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Expert Tips for Painting Over Old interior paint

You could be asking how to paint an old house if you have a historic house that needs updating. We adore historic homes because they are eccentric. However, they also require a bit more work than brand-new homes. Here is the best painting over old interior paint advice from our professionals.

Keeping the Charm of Your Home When Repainting Over Old Interior Paint

Spending more time in the preparation phase before painting will help keep the charm of your historic home. To maintain the architectural integrity of your property, you must do more than simply sand and tape; you must also look out for historical paint colours that are appropriate for the time period.

Start by looking up historical home colours on Pinterest and Instagram. Although the majority of paint manufacturers provide a historic paint line, a professional company like MacInTouch can assist you in choosing the ideal antique colour scheme for walls, trim, and accents when painting over outdated interior paint. After all, the colour scheme you select for a midcentury modern area is different from the one you would select for a Victorian home. With your colour plan, let our knowledgeable colour consultants assist.

Getting the Best Results Through Proper Preparation

Preparation is the first step in painting outdated interior paint, as it is in any house. Additionally, because of the age and nature of the materials, you’re working with, older homes may require more preparation than contemporary ones. They might need additional scrubbing, repairing, or priming. Additionally, repainting is an excellent opportunity to smooth out any popcorn ceilings in your house.

If your property has hidden damage like mould, mildew, or wood rot, you can be in for some shocks when it comes to prepping. And preparing plaster is done differently than preparing wallboard, for instance.

Therefore, now would be a good time to hire a paint expert to evaluate your space before you get the paint and rollers out.

You can also have oil-based paint or lead paint, depending on when your house was last painted. However, if you prefer water-based paint (as most of us do now), your walls will need to be prepared with a primer designed for covering oil paint. Professionals typically advise painting over oil-based paint with an oil-based paint for the best results. Have your house’s paint for lead checked before you start preparing.

Utilising the Proper Tools

When it comes to painting newer homes, all you need is a can of paint, a tarp, some tape, rollers, and brushes. However, earlier houses could have a variety of wall coverings, including brick, panelling, block (cinder or glass), plaster, or block. To achieve the greatest effects, each of these calls for a different painting style and perhaps a particular tool.

You’ll also need to know which kind of paint to use on each surface when painting over existing interior paint. On wood trim, for instance, you might use high gloss, but on wood panelling or plaster you definitely wouldn’t since glossy paint displays every flaw in the wall.

Selecting an Artist

Choosing colours and using the proper tools are just a few of the difficulties that come with painting over outdated interior paint. Our interior paint experts can assist if this looks like something you might benefit from guidance on. Request a free estimate now.