Summer painting ideas for ancient walls

How to Brighten Up Your Accent Walls for Summer Painting

A summer home remodel is all about adding vibrant colors and a touch of nature inside. Even though the overall renovation can take a lot of effort and planning, embellishing feature walls can alter a room beautifully for summer painting.

Are you preparing your home’s interior for the impending holidays by adding a more summer-inspired fresh look without investing a lot of time or money? Here are some summer painting ideas

Obtain One Statement Item

Let’s be honest. There are simply too many options for accent wall decor, and selecting the incorrect items or styles may merely result in a little interior malfunction. The wall can wind up appearing bad. It is disorganized rather than bringing brightness to the entire area. Adding one statement piece is the safest method to brighten up your accent walls for summer painting. The effects of large statement pieces on the overall decor are always greater than those of lesser ornamental items.

So, anything you want to address the most as your enormous item can be eccentric art, sculptural settings, or even your TV. After selecting your statement piece, mount it on your accent wall. It includes any contrast elements that draw even more attention to the object. Every additional feature, whether it be wall paint, wallpaper, or wall-mounted things, should enhance the focal point rather than draw attention away from it.

Make a vibrant backdrop

Summer must be the ideal time of year to enhance your home’s decor with a splash of vibrant colours on the walls. Of all, not just any summer colour scheme would look good in your room right now. Understanding the natural lighting in your space is the greatest approach to selecting the appropriate colour palettes. This is one of the best summer painting ideas.

Do you have a space that is roomy and has lots of natural light? If the answer is yes, you can bring contrast to your area by using bright, edgy colour schemes focusing on the red, yellow, and blue fundamental colours.

The less contrast your colour schemes offer in a smaller room with less natural light coming in, the better. Fresh coatings of neutral pastel colours with cool undertones that are summer-themed make the ideal backdrop for your accent walls.

Add fresh indoor plants

An amazing sight for summer-themed home remodels to give you a closer connection to tropical nature is accent walls with different houseplants. You can incorporate vegetation into your walls in a variety of ways that also serve as air purifiers. Either go with beautiful stripes or trailing indoor plants with large foliage. You can either utilise planters hung at various heights facing the plants.

 You may always use dried or imitation plants and flowers for your accent wall if you don’t have the time to take care of live plants.

Never discount wallpapers

The less contrast you bring to your colour schemes for a smaller room with less natural light, the better. Neutral pastel colours with cool undertones in fresh coats make the ideal backdrop for your accent walls.

If your home lacks architectural characteristics, for some of us, the texture of the walls may be just as essential as the colours. This is when wallpaper, which comes in a variety of different textures, may be a lovely choice for accent walls and creates a chic summer vibe.

Accentuate with Lighting

Accent lighting intensifies the dramatic changes that lighting already has the power to create in your environment. It may brighten up your accent walls by highlighting all the special characteristics of the wall with diffused illumination. Best of all, Wall scones or accent lighting is a need if you want your summer nights to be as bright, cosy, and welcoming as they are during the day.

Consider a professional’s advice

Accent wall renovations involve forethought and a solid sense of colour coherence, especially for theme-based redecorating. 

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