color schemes for kitchen with dark cabinets

Color schemes for kitchens with dark cabinets

Your kitchen’s walls can be painted a new colour to give the room a whole new look and feel. However, choosing the incorrect hue or colours might give the room a cramped or dark appearance. Dark kitchen cabinets can be a plus if you choose paint colours that highlight them and give your kitchen a better sense of depth. The best paint Color schemes for kitchens with dark cabinets will be discussed in this article, along with some tips on how to use them to visually enlarge a tiny kitchen.

Suitable Paint Colours for Dark Wood

You might wish to paint the cabinets again in some situations to achieve your ideal appearance. Painting cabinets is a terrific method to update the appearance of your kitchen without incurring the additional cost of replacing your current cabinets. But what hue of paint complements dark wood well? We appreciate you asking.

These are the colours we like best for walls to go with dark kitchen cabinets:

Cosy neutrals

Neutral kitchen paint colours can soften the severity of the dark cabinets and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere when used with them. To bring out the warmth in the wood, choose warm neutrals such as Sherwin-Williams Ionic Ivory, Touch of Sand, or Evergreen Fog.

Chilly neutrals.

 Cool neutral colours can be paired with woods that have cool undertones. When used with cool-toned wood cabinets, colours like Steely Gray, March Wind, and Pearl Gray can expand the room.

Vibrant hues

The dark cabinets will mitigate what would seem to be a risky colour choice. So use a striking colour in your kitchen, like Organic Green or Reynard to express your uniqueness. To prevent the kitchen’s colour scheme from turning into a disorganised pot of rainbows, stick to one or two colours.

Strong whites

A modern kitchen with black cabinets and High Reflective White | SW 7757 offers a stunning contrast.

What if my kitchen is small?

It might be challenging to choose the best paint colour for a tiny kitchen with dark cabinets. Do you paint your entire room white to achieve the lightest reflection possible? While increasing the amount of light and the sense of space is crucial, it could not work in a tiny kitchen.

Here are some suggestions to prevent your kitchen from appearing smaller:

  • To reduce contrast, match the paint to the cabinets’ tone. A kitchen may appear smaller than it actually is if the colour scheme is too light in contrast to the dark cabinets.
  • -To lengthen the wall and give the ceilings the appearance of height, paint the walls and trim the same colour. Because the trim lacks a clear line to draw attention to it, the optical illusion is successful.
  • Don’t use cool white. Warm white or ivory might look inviting in the kitchen, however, chilly white can make the room appear gloomy.

Change the Colors in Your Kitchen with Professional Painters

A new colour or a kitchen renovation can completely change the way the room looks and feels. Include your dark cabinets in the design of your kitchen and select paint colours that highlight rather than conceal them to give your kitchen the depth it deserves. Once you’ve chosen the best colour scheme for your kitchen, rely on your neighbourhood MacInTouch specialists for professional application. Our kitchen painting services include painting cabinets if necessary and include the entire kitchen. Call or fill out an online quote request to get started.