exterior vs interior house paint

Maintaining Exterior VS Interior  House Paint

No matter if you own or rent your property, homes need maintenance. Maintenance is essential because your exterior house paint is exposed to the weather. You may lengthen the lifespan of your outside paintwork by taking these precautions. Here are some maintenace points of Exterior VS Interior House Paint.

Power washing

On exterior home paint, dirt and grime will eventually appear. Fortunately, a pressure washer makes cleaning your house a breeze. After the first coat of paint has dried, pressure washing is advised for your property about five or six years later. You should clean certain areas more frequently, such as porches and overhangs. These places can be cleaned with a garden hose once a year.

Rot prevention

Wooden siding is protected by paint, which slows the rotting process. This underscores how crucial it is to completely coat the corner boards on the exterior of your home. You should make sure that corner boards and shutters are fully painted whether you are painting your property yourself or have hired specialists.

Fighting mould

There are several steps you can take to keep the outside of your home mould-free. Mould-resistance paint effectively halts the spread of mould. Nevertheless, anti-mould paint does degrade over time when exposed to moisture and sunshine. It is preferable to take immediate action to stop the spread of mould damage.


Maintaining exterior home paint requires frequent repainting. How frequently you should repaint your home depends on the material used to construct it. For instance, homes with wood panelling require painting twice as frequently as homes with stucco. Since harsh climates can be difficult on a home, environmental conditions also affect how frequently you should repaint. Homeowners should repaint their homes on average every six to ten years.

Maintenance of Interior House Painting

Maintaining the condition of your interiors is crucial, just as exterior home paint. The following advice can help keep the interior paint of your home looking new.

Taking care of fading paint

There are a few techniques to stop the fading of interior paint in your home or keep it from getting worse. Installing blinds or drapes to block incoming sunlight is one quick approach. You can also tint your windows with a UV protectant if you don’t want to completely block out the light. Nevertheless, fading shouldn’t be a big problem if you select premium interior house paint.

Cleaning it up

You should take care of any blemishes and stains on your interior house paint as soon as you detect them. Washing the wall with a moist sponge and water can do this. If it doesn’t work, use a damp sponge and some dish soap to clean the area.


Places like restrooms and basements are more likely to develop mould. Use mould-resistant coatings to proactively prevent mould. If you discover mould on a wall in your house. You can easily remove it with a simple bleach and water mixture. You might wish to hire a professional like MacInTouch company cleaners if the space is huge. House painting may be a time-consuming procedure, regardless of whether you ultimately decide to work with a painter or do it yourself. We anticipate that these pointers will speed up and improve the effectiveness of your home painting endeavour. I wish you luck!