girl hang decorations on wall without damaging paint

Tips for Hanging Decorations Without Wrecking Walls

There are many reasons, whether you rent or own your house, why you would want to showcase your wall décor without leaving nail marks or other harm behind. Fortunately, there are several options to hang decorations without having to be concerned about how you’ll take them down.

Here are five tips for attaching objects to walls without harming paint:

Decals Should Replace Posters:

There is undoubtedly a poster for any band, movie, sports team, cartoon, or hobby. It is no longer necessary to hang posters with tacks or nails. Because a number of poster producers now make poster-sized decals with semi-permanent adhesives that perform the same function. These decals can be removed from the wall afterward without harming the surface. One significant drawback is that they are single-use only, thus if you pull them down from a wall, you can’t move them to another location.

Use hooks or Velcro with repositionable adhesive:

These are now common choices. A basic hook or Velcro-style strip with a unique adhesive strip makes up the product. This adhesive functions by retaining contact with your wall’s surface. Stretch out the adhesive strip to lessen its surface area when you’re ready to pull the product off cleanly without hurting your paint or walls.

You can hang decorations in the form of framed art or even pots with the help of these solutions, some of which can support weights of up to several pounds.

Use magnetic paint:

 This may sound absurd, but a few types of paint may truly turn any surface magnetic. Then you may use magnetic hooks to hold larger wall art or “pin” posters or images in place. This choice is out if you rent a place and aren’t allowed to paint your walls.

The best approach to hanging photographs without nails may be to use putty because it doesn’t require modifying the wall and doesn’t require the use of frames or hooks. Putty, a traditional component of schools, residence halls, and apartments, allows you to hang artwork very much any place on a wall. For hanging framed photographs, putting might not be the greatest option; instead, think about utilizing sticky hooks or velcro-like strips.

Accidents could occur, Let Us Deal With Them.

Even if you’re displaying wall décor following the aforementioned techniques, things can still go wrong and cause harm to your paint. MacInTouch will assist you whether you need a single room painted, drywall fixed, or multiple rooms painted to complement new artwork. To begin, give us a call or submit an online estimate request.